We are excited to join our Northeast AISD Vertical Alignment Team by adopting AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) as a part of our daily routine in school and practice a method that has produced national success. With AVID, our Bernice Hart ECP students will be very well prepared for their future!

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Parent FAQs

How is AVID used on our campus?
AVID is a school wide initiative to prepare our students for a bright future. Whether it be college, career, high school, or even just next week, AVID can prepare your child for success! As observed nation wide, schools that unify with AVID have great success; it gives our school one solid way to have successful communication, accountability, organization, expectations, achievement, and so much more. By having one unified system, students can know what to expect and what is expected of them to do and be the best they can possibly be.We will be implementing AVID in staged throughout the year. As we adapt more AVID structures as a part of our standards, we ask that you help us, be patient with us, and ask questions!

One of the beginning puzzle pieces that has began to become established is the AVID organizational process, our students will be using an "Organizational Tool."


  • K-2nd, students will be using a BLUE FOLDER with a planner, and different sections for homework, "take-home," etc. which will prepare them for the later grade levels where they will have more organizational tools in the form of a binder.
  • 3rd-5th will use an AVID-style BINDER with a planner, different subsections for "take-home," homework, and more. They will learn to practice good organizational skills that will be streamlined into the same identical methods used in our vertical alignment middle and high school.

What is included in the "Organizational Tool?"​
Students will have goal oriented planning documents, learning logs, homework, and progress monitoring data in their organizational tool. In addition, planners will be used on a daily basis in order for students to stay organized prepared throughout the year. In their planners, they will include their homework information, in-class assignments or projects, extracurricular information (event flyers, school communication, etc.) and assessment dates.

What am I expected to do as a parent?
Every child will be taking home their organizational tools, every day. Please be sure to check your child's folder and/or binder daily as there will be school communication, upcoming events, and other important information. YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO SIGN OFF on your child's daily planner! Your child must return their folder/binder to school every day. If he/she loses their binder, there expected to replace it with another one but will have to pay a $1 fee to replace their planner and other organizational tools.

Your child's "Organizational Tool" is a HUGE part of their daily success in the classroom and is a big part of AVID. Students will take pride in keeping it neat, originated, and bringing it to school on the daily!