Special Education

Hart Elementary has a variety of services to support the needs of all the students that walk through our doors. We have 3 units here on campus ranging from both a bilingual and ESL Life skills Unit, a Bilingual and ESL Resource Unit, and an SBS/SCORES unit. Our team is dedicated to being transparent, friendly, and inclusive of everyone. 

Please feel free to reach out to allison.beauchamp@austinisd.org for any questions or concerns you may have. 

Special education services is run by the following dedicated staff:

  •  ESL Life Skills - D. Turner (Teacher); M. Martinez (Paraprofessional); O. Love  (Paraprofessional); O. Perez (Paraprofessional). 

  • Bilingual Life Skills - L. Guevara (Teacher); E. Guevara (Paraprofessional); V. Velazquez (Paraprofessional).

  • ESL Resource - A. Beauchamp (Teacher); G. Bryand (Teacher); C. Lejarzar (Paraprofessional). 

  • Bilingual Resource - S. Barron (Teacher); Dr. A. Cavagnaro (Teacher); A. Bernal (Paraprofessional). 

  • SBS/Scores - A. Beauchamp (temporary teacher); I. Reyes (Paraprofessional). 

Image of Hart staff under Special Education services