Communities in Schools (CIS)

Communities In Schools (CIS) believes that each student deserves an opportunity to succeed in school. CIS is a nonprofit agency that helps students learn, stay in school, and prepare for a successful life. Each child is unique and CIS offers a variety of programs to help each individual student, such as: basic needs assistance, connecting students to tutors and mentors, enrichment activities, and individual and group support. Whether it’s clean clothes, help with school work, or emotional support, CIS is on campus to connect students with the resources they need to succeed. Please contact the CIS Program Manager, Kaitlyn Falke, if you want to learn more about how CIS can help support your child and family.

Parents, teachers, school staff, and students themselves may request CIS services.

You can learn more about Communities In Schools on our website at


Kaitlyn Falke, Communities in Schools Representative
Phone: 737-270-9002